The lighted mirror cabinet of streamlined shapes

SIDLER Spiegelschrank xamoLED mit Unterbau
SIDLER Spiegelschrank xamoLED Lichtführung

Harmony is not far, when plain design meets modern technology. Both complement each other perfectly. The clear, streamlined shapes emphasize the unique lighting, which radiates on top and bottom. It is pure elegance which positions the SIDLER xamo LED.

The SIDLER xamo LED satisfies with unobtrusive finesse and a state of the art lighting. Put first is the environment, followed by a mood setting LED lighting. LED has a lifetime of 45,000 hours, is eco-friendly, mercury and service free. This efficient light source has even more advantages: it is reliable, neutral white and has an excellent color rendering. Thereby it provides an outstanding room and face illumination.






SIDLER Spiegelschrank xamoLED 60er
SIDLER Spiegelschrank xamoLED 80er
SIDLER Spiegelschrank xamoLED 130er

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