Exceptional design. A higligth for trendsetters.



Style, lighting quality and practicality skillfully combined – SIDLER design highlights for bathrooms. With a touch of innovation, the SIDLER Sidelight also offers a surprising effect: the mirror glides upwards quietly and gently upon opening! Alongside amazing technology, the exclusive light and mirror cabinet impresses with its high-quality lighting and sophisticated features.


SIDLER Sidelight conveys an elegant impression as one large and continuous mirrored surface. Charming accents arise through the combination of two narrow models. It reveals its internal practicality in an advantageous light whatever the position of the mirror. For example, half-open for a mirror and storage simultaneously.


The SIDLER Sidelight lends your bathroom a touch of elegance in each of its four size variants. Well-thought-out functions, simple aesthetics and innovative technology combine to create everyday luxury that is a pure joy. Enjoy stylish bathroom routines and look forward to your guests’ amazement.



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