Strong lighting, compact shape.



SIDLER Planeo achieves its purpose effortlessly. The simple design and the glass shelves fixed at the sides give the SIDLER Planeo a light touch. Unique: The apparently weightless lamps emit diffused light. The inside of the cupboard is flooded with light – the shelves are masterfully lit.


With SIDLER Planeo you can also rely on the utmost quality: The LED lights are manufactured specially for us. This way, we always achieve outstanding facial illumination and color rendering. And all this comes with a high level of efficiency.


Thanks to the smooth dimming control, you can adapt the light precisely to your mood and the lighting conditions. The upper light can be switched off entirely. Thus the (lower) base light creates a pleasantly subdued atmosphere. At night, this also helps with orientation in the room so that you can find your way in the dark.



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