For stylish ambiance.
And optimal illumination.



It's long been more than a trend: Cold-feeling bathrooms are ever more frequently becoming favorite elements of the living space in the home. SIDLER Madera matches the spirit of the times. The combination of wood and metal ensures a homely atmosphere. The wooden shelf is not only chic, but also practical, providing a convenient spot for all those little things in everyday life so they are perfectly to hand.


Optimum facial and room illumination are ensured by the high-quality LED lights. Thanks to the smooth dimming control, the light can also be adapted according to your needs.


If you turn the upper light off, the lower light creates an atmospheric touch. At night, the base light offers pleasant orientation, while during the day it provides for precise illumination – particularly practical for manicures. Available in various sizes and two types of wood, SIDLER Madera is a highlight in every bathroom.



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