Compact in its form. 
Big on quality.



With its classic design, our innovation is a timelessly beautiful eye-catcher. Thanks to its compact mass, the SIDLER Arnea can also be integrated into challenging surroundings, such as rooms with sloping ceilings.


Yet the SIDLER Arnea is anything but minimalistic when it comes to quality. Equipped with premium LED lights, SIDLER Arnea ensures particularly pleasant facial and room illumination – and with a lifespan of 40 years, it's also thoroughly efficient.


With smooth dimming of the LED lights, the SIDLER Arnea always fits perfectly with your mood. The lower LED lights are available around the clock as base lights. During the night these help with orientation – and during the day with precision. For example for manicures.


SIDLER Arnea is the top choice if you want a mirrored cabinet with a winning combination of minimalistic design and maximum quality.



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