Competence in lighting makes a difference


Light structures the room and brings ambience. Usually two components are important: The general and face illumination. The first illuminates the room and creates orientation. The later is important, especially in the bathroom for a great face illumination, to illuminate shade free when applying make up or shaving.


Traditionally medicine cabinets have horizontally and upwards radiating light. It can radiate onto the face directly and still has a good to very good face illumination. SIDLER mirrored cabinets also radiate indirectly upwards and some cabinets have an additional light source downwards. This way a pleasant room illumination is created. The side lighting is adopted from the show business. It offers a perfect, shade free face illumination.


SIDLER utilizes hi-end LED and T5-Fluorescent lamps. Its neutral white ligh allows an exceptional make up application, which is highly appreciated, especially by women. 



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