Our mirror cabinet novelties

As a leading manufacturer of light mirror cabinets, SIDLER strives to perfectly stage light, form and quality. That's why the engineers and designers are constantly evolving.


Style, lighting quality and practicality skillfully combined – SIDLER design highlights for bathrooms. With a touch of innovation, the SIDLER Sidelight also offers a surprising effect: the mirror glides upwards quietly and gently upon opening! Alongside amazing technology, the exclusive light and mirror cabinet impresses with its high-quality lighting and sophisticated features.


SIDLER Planeo achieves its purpose effortlessly. The simple design and the glass shelves fixed at the sides give the SIDLER Planeo a light touch. Unique: The apparently weightless lamps emit diffused light. The inside of the cupboard is flooded with light – the shelves are masterfully lit.


It's long been more than a trend: Cold-feeling bathrooms are ever more frequently becoming favorite elements of the living space in the home. SIDLER Madera matches the spirit of the times. The combination of wood and metal ensures a homely atmosphere. The wooden shelf is not only chic, but also practical, providing a convenient spot for all those little things in everyday life so they are perfectly to hand.


With its classic design, our innovation is a timelessly beautiful eye-catcher. Thanks to its compact mass, the SIDLER Arnea can also be integrated into challenging surroundings, such as rooms with sloping ceilings.

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